Sister Complex

Sister Complex

Hello everyone!

Our search for a proofreader to join our ranks is still open~ Please check this post for more information!

A short release for you guys today~ More to come in the upcoming days!! Here’s Angelic by Takaesu Yaya! The post title pretty much says it all. Ahaha. Yeah. This was my pick. Stone me please. T_T

Big thanks to poii from Mangaichi Scanlation Division, who translated this! Without you, I could have never realized my onii-chan one-shot fantasies. Once again, feel free to stone me.

There’s only one other scanlated work by Takaesu at the moment – a one-shot entitled of Peephole (Nozoki Ana) so we encourage you to read that, too, if you liked the author’s style~

Enjoy and have a nice day, everyone!


  • Brian Kim

    OK, this is somewhat perby loli

    • Rui

      …feel free to stone me.

  • Maute50

    Thank you very much for all your work and sharing, I’m happy to read!!

  • monsterplaza

    First page: oh

    Second page: ooooOOOOOOHHH GOOOOODDDDD

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