Hello guys. Been almost a week since we last released. I am running out of creative titles to posts to be honest. I feel like they’re getting more and more revealing as to what the one-shot contains.

We’re still hiring an experienced proofreader to join our team. T_T And maybe a post title guy while at it.

Anyway! For today, we have a josei release for you guys! Wooooo~ The story of a girl trying to help her neighbor look cuter. Rather dark and mature and the art is just absolutely beautiful. Here’s Waltz by Oshimi Shuzo! We also included in our release a redrawn version of the beautiful full color cover page~ Big hugs to d4td for that!

Also a huge thanks to the person who recommended this project to us: Wander Boy Scans~

We hope you enjoy this one~ Look forward to some updates in our other anthology projects~~

Oh and yes! Don’t forget to check out (or even follow) the author’s Twitter account (hover over that blue button) if you want extra illustrations by him~



  • Maute50

    Thank you very much for all your work to share, I’m looking forward to read!!

  • Thanks!

  • cats

    Thank you very much!

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